Pink Highlights As The Way To Always Look Stunning

Pink highlights are definitely in style nowadays; beauties from all across the world dye strands of hair pink in order to create a more eye-catching and extraordinary image. Such a glamorous, gentle and feminine shade is usually chosen by blondes with short fine hair, since it looks just excellent on light hair. Blonde hair with pastel pink strands make every look really fresh and youthful, as well as make it possible for girls to style any outfit and always stand out from the crowd.

Selecting The Right Shade

There is a great number of diverse shades which let you create a perfect blonde hair with light pink highlights look. The most widespread ones are:

  • pearl pink shade – pastel pink combined with shining silver hue;
  • smoky pink color – one of the most impressive shades to choose from;
  • sakura shade is the one which can’t leave anyone indifferent;
  • purple pink shade has also gained in popularity with ladies;
  • fuchsia hue – the vividest and the most eye-catching one;
  • light pink shade will make it possible for you to create the desired look with ease;
  • orchid pink shade – light pink color combined with lilac hue.

Pink highlights look perfectly on blondes. It’s worth mentioning the fact the lighter the hair is the vivider highlights are going to be.

If you like experimenting with the hairstyles and hair dyes, then pink highlight will definitely be a catch for you – they will help you easily change your look letting you stand out from the crowd. Pink highlights will make it possible for you to create a vibrant image and feel confident no matter what.

Changing The Image

Blonde hair with light pink highlights is an excellent choice for confident girls who are willing to change their style. Nevertheless, it’s worth keeping in mind pastel pink strands of hair have to be dyed by experienced stylist who is able to choose the shade correctly and dye hair the proper way. Light, pastel shade matches brilliantly with blonde hair letting you create gentle, feminine image and always look fashionable. Such a noble shade is a catch for ladies with blue and grey eye color making them look deeper and more saturated.

Such a trendy and stylish shade has one con: light pastel pink highlights fade quickly and look muddy in a month. That’s exactly why it is essential to dye your hair on a regular basis, such a way it will always look airy, healthy and glowy.

Rose blonde hair looks perfectly on young girls, however older ladies can also style such hue doing ombre technique – this coloring effect will make their hair look just fantastic. Such technique will also be a catch for every girl who’s willing to dye her hair, however doesn’t want to change her image completely.

Pink blonde is not an option for office workers who have to follow strict dress code; such hair shade doesn’t match with a strict, office style, but looks just excellent in everyday life and is suitable for any special occasion.