Create A Stylish Look With The Help Of Brown And Gold Makeup

It’s not necessary to be a professional makeup artist in order to create new, eye-catching looks every single day – just put on makeup you really like, enjoy mixing diverse colors and look differently with the help of makeup products.

If you like wearing basic colors and are not willing to experiment with different shades, then it’s definitely worth trying brown and gold eye shadow looks. These basic shades will make it possible for you to look brilliant on any occasion and create diverse looks which are suitable for your skin tone and eye color.

Makeup In Brown Shades

Brown shades make it possible for you to emphasize all your good sides and hide your flaws. Brown eyeshadow of different saturation and tones has to be chosen according to your skin tone, eye and hair color. Here are a few tips on how to select the right eyeshadow color:

  1. Girls with blue eyes should give preference to cocoa, coffee, cinnamon shades as well as bronze gold hue. Avoid applying brick and mahogany shades – they will make your eyes look sad and tired.
  2. Ladies with green eyes should definitely apply brown eyeshadows – they will make your eyes much deeper and emphasize their beauty. Light cinnamon and bronze eyeshadow are perfect for light green eyes, while gold and deep brown shade will be a catch for women with bright green eyes.
  3. It’s not suggested for girls with grey eyes to apply deep brown eyeshadow, so try replacing it with light cocoa or smoky brown shades which will emphasize the beauty of your eyes.
  4. Ladies with dark eye color may apply the darkest brown eyeshadow – it will make your eye color look even more saturated as well as match perfectly with dark hair color.

Gold Eyeshadow: Who Can Style It?

Brown and gold eyeshadow looks are suitable for every occasion. Gold and brown eyeshadows make it possible for you to create a shining, glowing look which won’t leave anyone indifferent. Gold eyeshadow is a catch for ladies who are willing to stand out from the crowd – such shade is suitable for any special occasion and matches incredibly with burgundy, red and black dress.

Regardless of the fact gold eyeshadows are really striking, they match with any eye color: such shade makes blue eyes look more saturated, grey eyes become even deeper, brown eyes – warmer, while green eye become much vivider.

Gold and brown eyeshadow look is a classic one which is often chosen by girls and ladies of any age. Gold and brown shades, voluminous mascara and eyeliner make it possible for you to easily create the desired, eye-catching look and style it in everyday life or attending any special event.